Cannot sign in as guest in zSpace

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Customers have reported issues where they are unable to login as Guest into a zSpace application whether it is Studio, Newton's Park, Franklin's Lab, or Euclid's Shapes.

If you are experiencing this symptom, you can use the following script to resolve the issue.  Please use the following instructions:

  1. Download the following batch script  ResetGuestUser.bat
  2. Right-click and select "Run As Administrator".  If you are not logged in as Administrator, please enter the administrator password when prompted.
  3. The script will automatically run and close when completed.
  4. Launch your zSpace application and verify that "Sign in as Guest" is working.

zSpace recommends copying or storing the ResetGuestUser.bat file in the C:\zSpace\ folder for future reference.  Please note that zSpace is working on a permanent solution for this issue.

If you are using Teacher Dashboard or need further assistance, please contact zSpace Customer Support. 

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